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02/18/18 05:27 PM
I will call today and leave a message but according to the "office hours" it's 10-6 M-F central time. Also will Email this post to Peter seeing as his Email is working. Phone call and Email have been sent.
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1916-1922 - Model 490 Only
02/18/18 05:24 PM
My 1916 490 has been mistalen for a model T many times. I just say look at the badge on the front!
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02/18/18 04:59 PM
Just recounted driven gear again it has 19 teeth 6 on drive gear Will use 5 and 14 with 3.73,Waiting on a Person to get a center section out of a 37 he has two both Standards with leaf springs,Hate to be pushy mine is on Jack Stands now would be a good time to put it in,Thanks Bob
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What did you do with your car/truck today?
02/18/18 04:59 PM
I left a reply on your other post.
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Mechanical - Engine, Trans, etc
02/18/18 04:57 PM
The only difference in the 1938 and 1939 US distributors in the vacuum advance. I don't understand the oil hole, have never seen that. The 1937 is the same except for the housing as the 1938 had a flat side where it went into the block for better oil return.

The thumb wheel vac. adv. is a nice feature because you dont need a wrench. Can not be used on a '39 block due to lack of bolt holes.
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02/18/18 04:36 PM
Thanks Bob,
Much appreciated.
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02/18/18 04:05 PM
I've had success with the GM product as well.
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02/18/18 03:52 PM
[quote=stefakicoupei was lucky my holes were there from previous strap and if you had straps before there should be holes there hope this helps best i can do [/quote]

Assuming piddler's car had straps at one time; could he feel the holes with his finger behind the cloth. Even if no straps originally I would think the factory would have the holes in all the cars instead of only the models that would come with factory straps.

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02/18/18 02:22 PM
I like your pictures very much. My car is a 1926 roadster. I noticed you put a fuel filter before the carburetor. The vacuum tank was my biggest problem so I put the fuel filter before the vacuum tank. Maybe you did too? I know the purest would not like it but so I think I will look for sediment bulb at the next swap meet. My car has been in the family for 62 years. Dad restored but it about 35 years ago but it had sat for 10 years with out running until recently. Good luck with your car.
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Trucks and Vans
02/18/18 02:11 PM
6.50-20's are on the truck now front and back. So if the single wheel trucks coming out of Chevy where the same wheel as the dually, less one wheel and tire on each side in the rear, you're saying modifications where made after the factory. I could see that happening. Looking at the pictures of the truck taken in 1935, seems like the spokes of the wheels sit further back which pushes the wheel out and away from the truck. Thus it seems like the spoke of the wheels, where riveted to the rim of the wheel, could have been removed. And then the wheels were reassembled in reverse.

Once I get the wheels figured out, tires are going to be next. The truck does have a larger overall diameter tire in the rear than the front. From what I've been able to determine is 4". Which gives the truck about a two inch lift in the rear. I have not been able to find tires with the same tread pattern in sizes similar to 900 and 700. With the exception of a NDT military tread pattern.
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PARTS - For Sale
02/18/18 02:09 PM
[Linked Image]
For sale ! a nice 1939 master deluxe steering wheel ( original ) and in good shape.
Looking to get $ 35.00 for this nice wheel. You pay shipping and I will through in
a free shipping box , free wrapping , And a drive to the post office.........

Sounds like a great deal ? It is a great deal ! P.K.

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1916-1922 - Model 490 Only
02/18/18 01:46 PM
I bought the shims and springs for the Model T for my 24 but they did not work. They may be for the earlier model and might work on your car. If you find they will you can have the ones I bought.

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02/18/18 04:52 AM
question PAPER..........are you just sending the Roadster out to get restored now........February 2018. 2 years later

Friendly reminder, its a roadster, they did not make cabriolets in standard series DC_EC , 1934--1935

mike lynch
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National VCCA Meets, Tours & Events
02/18/18 01:02 AM
It's easier and safer to book your room now and then cancel if you need to. If I remember correctly you must cancel 31 days before the events. You can verify that with the hotel when you make your booking.
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02/18/18 12:53 AM
Yes, I described the front seay coverings incorrectly.
Will be sending some pictures.
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PARTS - For Sale
02/17/18 11:56 PM
PM sent.
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Free Stuff
02/17/18 11:55 PM
Have a Lug Wrench / Tire Iron that was in my Car Parts

Not sure what year or model it is ?!?

Pretty Much Free to a Good Home just pay Shipping and Packaging Fees

Got any questions Feel Free to Ask
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02/17/18 09:16 PM
The line caries oil up to the rocker arms.
The tube mentioned returns the oil by gravity to the pan.
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What did you do with your car/truck today?
02/17/18 08:55 PM
To date I have removed all accessories from the engine and repainted all of it and reassembled. Learning an immense amount of knowledge as I go. I have just recently redone the cowl and radiator lacing and have installed the hood. I'm really pleased with the way everything is coming together as well as the appearance of the car. I have purchased window seals for the entire car and will be starting to replace this in the near future. I messed up the other day and broke an interior door handle trying to use the J-132 tool from Filling Station. Time to make a trip to the barn and see if Grandpa has set any of these aside. The project has been very interesting but you have no idea how many times I have carried on a "conversation" with my Grandfather as to how to do things.
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02/17/18 07:36 PM
I believe they all have 1/2" strips as that is what the interior panels get nailed to. On the angled part of the kickup there is also a strip for tacking the interior to. The floor pan is nailed to the top but usually, just inside the nail strips. I haven't done an interior on a 32' to know for sure. I know my Olds is a 32' and it has nail strips. Hopefully someone with a 32' 4dr special will chime in.
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02/17/18 07:34 PM
Good job.
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Body - Sheet Metal, Paint & Wood
02/17/18 07:26 PM
I assume you're referring to the cowl filler strip as the piece of wood nailed to the bottom edge of the front of the sill that the cowl metal gets nailed into. If so, then yes, the bottom of the hinge pillar should finish about even with that strip, and also even with the strip that's under the rocker panel.
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General Discussions
02/17/18 06:20 PM
Question............what is that seat?
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PARTS - Wanted
02/17/18 06:04 PM
That is a thought, Gene. I will suggest it if we don't find the right one. Thanks.

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General Discussions
02/17/18 05:43 PM
Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately, I can't refer you to a picture as I couldn't find any online. The one movie pic I found on google just showed the rear of the car and when I enlarged it it was out of focus.
I own a copy of the movie on DVD and this is where I see it. There seem to be bowties at the window sill on both front and rear doors on the driver's side. In all fairness, my 64.5 year old peepers may be playing tricks on me. LOL

I figure SOMEBODY out there in Chevyland or Pre-War Land will have a handle on it. I am going to research 28/29 Dodges as CJP alludes to see for myself.

The mystery continues!! willy
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