Sorry this is so long, i bought this truck 3 years ago, had it shipped after looking at it, the fan is 7 inches from the bottom of radiator tank, and have had over heating problems since i got it. Installed a high volume electric fan pushing air thru the radiator after building new mounts and taking regular fan off. have had radiator off and at 2 different shops, one says it back flushes just fine, the other says i need to completely start over, put everything back like it was and build shrouds. Another guy says all i need is a high lift waterpump kit that raises the fan up 5 inchs, leaving a 2 inch gap from blade to bottom of tank. Am fixing to just burn it up, (just kidding) Dont know where to go to next, have changed thermostat, back flushed it until it was clean,,does anyone have any experience with these kits that raise water pump up ?? All comments and help much appreciated.

dave griminger