. . David is putting a newer chassis in a 1952 firetruck for a charitable organization. He would not like the old chassis to be sold for scrap and sent me the following email. .
" I mentioned the old fire truck I’m building for the toys for tots. I will be removing the original chassis from the truck in the next couple weeks. I believe its a 2 ton chassis. 160” wheelbase/dual rear wheels. Has some sort of brake booster on the passenger frame rail. You mentioned to let you know about it. It has 23k miles on the truck. Shame to pull it apart but it’s what he wants. The thing runs and drives like it’s bran new. No smoke at all. " .
He did not mention a price but needs someone to get it as soon as it's removed. Contact"David at 650-464-4477, or email <mrsherwin@yahoo.com>. " It is in the San Francisco bay area. .
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