Posted By: Rusty 37 Master Booster Fuel Pump - 04/29/22 05:33 PM
I am considering adding a hidden 6 volt "booster" fuel pump to my '37. Now that I have another classic car with one I can see the value. It does save a lot of wear and tear on the starter motor.

I found this 6 volt fuel pump in my stash of parts. It is a Carter 4259. Based on the information I can find it is a rotary vane pump. My research also indicates that this is probably not the correct pump for a booster application. It appears that it will have enough resistance to flow that the original mechanical fuel pump might have problems pulling through it.

I saw some postings that indicate they used this as their primary pump with a pressure regulator set at 3 1/2 to 4 psi. It is capable of about 6 psi which I expect is too much for these carburetors.

Am I missing anything?

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Posted By: dfd37chev Re: Booster Fuel Pump - 05/19/22 10:57 PM
Hello Rusty,

From what I have read, 3 lbs is the max for these carbs. I did purchase, but have not installed, a 6 volt pass thru electric fuel pump. It states it will prime the mechanical pump when activated, but when power is turned off it will not hinder the mechanical pump from drawing fuel.
If interested, I will dig thru my stuff for the name of the pump.
Posted By: Rusty 37 Master Re: Booster Fuel Pump - 05/24/22 04:57 AM
Hi Dave,

Sorry I meant to respond earlier.

It would be great if you can provide any details about the pump you bought.

My concert is that the pump I have is not a pass through type.
Posted By: Tiny Re: Booster Fuel Pump - 06/30/22 02:26 PM
Rusty, I put a 6v electric on my 53 to fill the carb after the car sits for a while. I used a one way valve and a couple of "T"s to provide unrestricted fuel when the electric pump isn't being used. That way I don't have to worry about having to pull fuel through it. I think I posted here about it when I did it along with a schematic. I'll go back and review my past posts to see if I can find it.

Edit: Here it is, scroll down for the schematic. It works really well even after my 12v conversion.
Posted By: Rusty 37 Master Re: Booster Fuel Pump - 07/03/22 04:45 AM
Thanks for the additional details as well as the links to the older posts.

I know that the fuel pump in my picture is not a pass-through style. Plus it is fairly large pump physically so it would be tricky to mount. I am also concerned that it might develop too much pressure.

There are lots of pumps like the Spectra. The one on my other classic car is a similar inline pump with a filter. There is no bypass loop on it and it seems to work fine.

The reality is that with a new battery the engine starts really quickly unless it has been sitting for 2 or 3 days. Then it takes about 5 seconds.
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