Posted By: DSVW 1956 Bel air rust advice - 10/19/21 02:20 AM
Hi, I am looking at purchasing a 1956 Bel air 4 door.

It is pretty clean underneath but the majority of the floor braces appear to be rusted through.

Is that a structural concern?

How much am I looking at to have those replaced and welded in?

Is it a difficult job for a do it yourselfer who knows how to weld?

Or should I walk away?

Posted By: Chev Nut Re: 1956 Bel air rust advice - 10/19/21 02:39 AM
On that model the body supports help to rienforce the frame. They are available but will be expensive to replace.
Posted By: DSVW Re: 1956 Bel air rust advice - 10/19/21 03:41 AM
Is there a difference between the floor braces and body supports?

I think these are floor braces. They are small curved pieces that weld from the side of the car onto the floor pans. Are those structural and do they reinforce the frame?

Posted By: kaygee Re: 1956 Bel air rust advice - 10/20/21 08:22 PM
Before you do anything more, if it is possible, take a small hammer and tap along the frame sides, especially in the area around the "kick-up" over the rear axle. If you feel/hear a solid "clunk" that would indicate the frame is solid. If it feels spongy when you tap it, or sounds like hitting plastic, or you punch a hole in the frame, I would do as Chev Nut suggests and RUN AWAY! My thinking is that if the body mounts are badly rotted, the frame is probably rotting from the inside out as well, so the car is not worth spending a lot of money to rebuild.
Posted By: Chev Nut Re: 1956 Bel air rust advice - 10/20/21 09:25 PM
In short if the body supports are rusted Out there ae other parts thatAe thin or patched Etc.
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