Posted By: piddler air compressor - 03/29/22 07:43 PM
What is a good portable air compressor? I have tried a few but they all seem to fail pretty quickly. I like to keep one in the truck when pulling the camper.

Thanks, Pete
Posted By: canadiantim Re: air compressor - 03/29/22 08:09 PM
Vintage ones from Ebay can be the most reliable as modern ones are pretty well made to be disposible.

I carry a very good quality stand on bicycle pump in every vehicle. They always work, don't blow fuses or fail, anyone can figure out how to use them and when you have a bicycle tire needing air, you know there is a pump in every vehicle...
Posted By: Stovblt Re: air compressor - 03/29/22 10:09 PM
I agree that it's hard to beat an old "bicycle pump".
There again, the vintage ones are better as long as the leathers are still good.

Neats foot oil is probably the best thing to use to oil the leathers.

When I used to drive my '29 Chev around quite a bit, I kept the tire pump, a 1/2", and a 9/16'' under the seat.
Posted By: 41specialdeluxe Re: air compressor - 03/31/22 01:22 AM
At my age, I hope what I see in the trunk when I need some air, is sure as h--l not a dang bicycle pump. Mercy! dance Agrin

This is the site of a guy who tests all kinds of car and garage type stuff. It may be helpful to those needing a portable pump.


Charlie computer

Posted By: Mr87Monty Re: air compressor - 04/04/22 08:53 PM
Check the Project Farm one on 20v air compressors also. I was thinking of getting the Pittsburg one in his video but am now considering the Bauer one. I have several Bauer 20v tools so having one with a 20v and cordless option would be convenient. I would only get a cordless one if I already was in that tool line though. As is stated in the video the charge and battery add a lot to the price.
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