Posted By: Bertus Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 04/01/22 11:56 PM
Trying to nail down correct colour for my '32 yellow wheels. First of all, is it "cream medium" or "medium cream"? Secondly, I found codes (PPG and Dupont) but the same numbers for '32 and '33 showed a completely different yellow chip. '33 was almost tan instead of yellow). Did the color change in those years? Also, my local paint guy can't find samples for cars that old. Anyone have any luck finding actual samples? I would like to powder coat the wheels. Is the powder available anywhere? Any help appreciated. Thanks
Posted By: Chipper Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 04/02/22 01:30 AM
The color is Cream Medium. It is a slightly yellow cream color that was used from 1930 to 1950s or maybe later. I probably have 10+ Cream Medium color chips from various years and paint suppliers. None of them are exactly the same shade. Having my '32 pickup pinstriped in a few days and the pinstriper (50+ year experience) will mix a color on his palette that is probably close to the original.

I understood that The Filling Station had some powder compounded a while back and may still have some if you want to powder coat your wheels.
Posted By: Dave39MD Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 04/02/22 01:46 AM
I got mine from this company;

Attached picture wheel paint 2.jpg
Attached picture wheel 1.jpg
Posted By: Bertus Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 04/02/22 02:25 PM
Thanks Chipper and Dave. Cream Medium it is. Pictures very helpful. AutoColorLibrary only shows car year and color names - no chips. Got codes and sample colors from another site. Will Check with TFS to see if powder available.
Posted By: 35Mike Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 04/05/22 02:17 PM
I don't believe the powder is available at this time. I had it formulated several years ago. I handed it off to Steve at TFS. The problem for Steve is that the powder is so expensive that it takes too long to recoup the investment. He must buy 50 pounds of the powder and he sells it in 3 pound quantities. After selling the partial box that he got from me and one more 50 pound box, he decided that it just didn't make sense to continue offering the product.
Unless he has changed his mind on this, he no longer offers the powder.

Mike (retired Powder Coater)
Posted By: tonyw Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 04/06/22 08:36 AM
I believe Bill Barker was looking for this color some time ago so he might be worth contacting.
Posted By: jack39rdstr Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 04/06/22 09:09 AM
Bill Barker recommends PPG C 6004K on his website
Posted By: 35Mike Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 04/06/22 12:40 PM
Bill provided the sample that I used when I had the powder made. He got powder for his project from the original batch.

Posted By: jmmmn37 Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 04/07/22 02:03 PM
Here's Cream Medium from the Autocolor Library. I used their Cream Medium to paint my 38 panel truck.
Posted By: Bill Barker Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 05/14/22 02:51 AM
After I painted my rims with this color, I was fortunate enough to park next to Tom Meleo's 1933 which had Cream Medium rims too. The exact same formula during the early years. But -- the cool thing was that Tom's car was absolute original in every way -- AND it had been stored indoors for nearly it's entire life. My rim color and his MATCHED PERFECTLY!!! So I was confident that the code was a correct match to the original.
Posted By: Chistech Re: Cream Medium, Medium Cream? - 05/28/22 07:20 PM
My 32 olds used Cigarette Cream which is a off white color much like a vanilla ice cream. We used a tiny amount of yellow to get what i needed. The color is like white that’s been yellowed by cigarette smoke if you’ve ever seen something white that a heavy smoker might have you’ll know what I mean. It definitely wasn’t as yellow as the medium cream you guys are showing. Isn’t mixing colors a ton of fun!😁
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