Hello Everyone,
What started out as a "fix the pesky leaks" has turned into a can of worms. As with any small project, you end up fixing someone elses "repairs" because they cut corners.
The worst leak was at the front of the engine, between the engine mount plate and the block. The counter sunk screws were snug, not tight, so the gasket between the engine and mount plate was damaged. Had to drop the pan, unbolt the timing cover and remove the cam and pull the crank gear to to remove the mount plate. ( added a photo but don't know if it will show)
With the nose off the car, a friend talked me into "fixing" the paint, which is the right choice but it has escalated into a larger project because of the the hidden things from other owners.
The window guides replacement was not well thought out and were a bear to remove and will have to be replaced.
During the disassembly of the left rear door I found that someone probably lost the retaining screw for the door handle, as the threads were fine, but used a self tapping screw in its place and ruined the brass bushing for the door handle.
The extreme upside is I was looking for a good used left front fender and a truly incredible person GIFTED me a pair of NOS fenders and a pair of NOS bumpers, one still in its shipping wrapper.
There were no words that could express my gratitude. (There was more to this story leading up to this gift, but will leave it for another time)

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