The fan sits real close to the radiator (1/4 inch) and would hate to have to change the belt on the road so what are the fan options for a 37,I am looking for more of a flatter or one that sits back towards the water pump a little more. For some history on the truck it has a 57 235 with a adapter so a 54 pump could be mounted to the motor and the fan is off a 53 216,I also had the radiator recored with a 4 row core but has the original tanks and brackets and should not be any thicker then original but might be the radiator I got from a 37 school bus if there are any differences with a 1/2 ton radiator. I am just trying to find a fan that will give me about 1/2 inch clearance between the fan and radiator if possible.

VCCA #45194