A big "Thank You" to everyone who organized and worked at the Middle West Meet in Des Moines last week. You can be proud of your results.

My schedule was such that I was only able to join the event later Wednesday afternoon. It was definitely worth it to be there even for that short time.

Just like so many meets I made new friends and saw "already" friends. (I try to avoid using the word "older" because it is getting too close to home for many of us.)

The highlight was getting to see and spend time with Gene Schneider. It has been a few years since we last saw each other so it was great to catch up on all our happenings. Gene welcomed me into VCCA and Chevy Chatter about 10 years ago even before we actually met. And that has led to other great relationships through VCCA.

My only regret was that I was not able to participate in more of the activities.

Maybe next year!!

VCCA #44680