I am doing a tour on Friday Aug. 7 To the BASF paint facility in the afternoon. They will be taking us through the Lab and show difference in waterborne paint, Solvent Base Clear and a few other differences. On Saturday we will be doing a small Tour and then touring to My house to see the whole Jurski/Lister Family collection and some of the memorabilia That Grandpa (Kenny Lister) Collected over the years.

the Wingate Hotel in downtown Sylvania
Address: 5480 South Main Street, Sylvania, OH 43560; Phone: (419) 517-2000 Thats were I suggest for people to stay

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Saturday August 8, 2015
-We will end the weekend with a picnic at the Lister/Jurski collection at
6130 Flanders Rd., Sylvania, OH 43560
-Number of guests attending picnic ________________@ $10.00 EA
TOTAL AMOUNT DUE ____________
Please make checks payable to Andy Jurski, 6130 Flanders, Sylvania, OH 43560
Please send registration in by July 27, 2015

My number is 419-262-0789 Feel free to call and ask any questions if your interested in coming.
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