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In order to do that, you'll to click on Register User. Then, Read and accept the Board Rules. On next page fill in the Required (and/or Optional)information and submit. After Registration you must then log in so that it knows who you are.

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The classified ads can be found from the Chat Homepage, but the system requires you must register and log in before you can write to that forum. They are listed in the 8th forum down the list.

After you log in, click on Parts for Sale or Parts Wanted. Then click on <New Topic> to create a new posting. Add text in the subject line and then clearly mention the part(s), year, and condition. Please, do not mix up Parts for sale and Parts wanted.

Add your text to the box where it says Post..., check the message for errors by using <Preview Post>, adjust and click <Submit> when you're done....

When you want, you also can insert Posting Icons and Smileys, before submitting the message. Experiment. You can't really hurt it. And once your <Submit> you can still go back and EDIT your posting for the first 60 minutes. After that it's permanently locked.

Good luck!

---These instructions composed and submitted by VCCA Member Erling in Norway. Many thanks!---